Art by Gene Romero

Mount Taylor in Grants, NM

Atalaya in Santa Fe
“10 x 12” – gouache on wood “Atalaya in Santa Fe


24″ x 36″ gouache on wood

“Bailando por ti”


“10 x 12” – gouache on wood “Shreve Farm in West Virginia


22″ x 32″

“Mercado en Talpa”


Seeing place as sacred is a process of reflection and determination that goes beyond nostalgic memory.

At face value,my paintings may seem a bit nostalgic, but the work celebrates place as a sacred space that is related to time, place, and above all a reflective perception of the place that is meditative. This meditative process comes from the slow and time-consuming process of painting, or sculpting.

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Mural based on the mural titled “Baile de Listones” by the Mexican Muralists Diego Rivera. This mural was created in Coralville, Iowa in 2005, but was destroyed in a 100 year flood of 2008 in Iowa.